Risky Reading - Mad About Men

Risky Reading

When I tell people I wrote a book, they automatically assume it’s a tell-all about my career in the music business. “Do you talk about your time working with KISS?” “Are there any Bon Jovi stories?” “I bet [insert name of annoying ex-boss here] is featured!” “Am I in it?” No, you’re not fucking in … Continued

Oops, I Wrote A Book - Mad About Men

Oops, I Wrote A Book

OK, so…this happened: I wrote a book, MAD ABOUT MEN. To quote myself, “It’s scary to allow others to read your personal confessions. People judge, they can’t help it. So by spilling all these stories out, I am exposing parts of myself that are maybe not so lovely.” And with that, now please now have … Continued