I can’t find the official source of this, but there is a popular theory floating around the internets lately: You have just three major loves in your lifetime.

This is not the “three love theory,” by anthropologist Helen Fisher, which is a whole other theoretical ball of wax (her three loves are passion, lust, and commitment, which we’ll address on a future Mad About Men).

The three loves of your life, according to this unaccredited theory, are:

  1. Your first love. This is an idealistic love that happens when you’re young. It’s naïve and impractical.
  2. Hard love. The one you learn the most from, the one you (hopefully) grow from, this love is the most difficult because it brings you pain, heartache, and desperation – but also growth.
  3. Surprise love. This love comes when you least expect it, and you don’t see it coming. This is the love that finally reveals to us the reason that all prior loves have left the picture.

So, surprise me.

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