Have you ever listened to the Mad About Men radio show? It airs on 98 Rock in Baltimore. Assuming you don’t live in Baltimore, I am aware you’ll never remember to stream it live on Wednesdays at 5:30pm (I can barely remember myself). Instead, you can listen to it on SoundCloud or Facebook.

One of my favorite radio segments was the story of my cousin’s baby shower where all the married women in attendance claimed their husbands were assholes. It really made me think about what marriage really is…basically putting up with your own personal asshole; whom you actually love very much. There is a chapter in the book called MAD ABOUT MEN (go figure) which tells this story in greater detail. An excerpt: “…Despite all the moaning about being single that I’ve done in these 200-ish pages, I might just be better off in my current state. Freedom, independence, self-sufficiency, and autonomy sound a hell of a lot more appealing than being married to an asshole for forty years.”

Who’s with me?