When I tell people I wrote a book, they automatically assume it’s a tell-all about my career in the music business. “Do you talk about your time working with KISS?” “Are there any Bon Jovi stories?” “I bet [insert name of annoying ex-boss here] is featured!” “Am I in it?”

No, you’re not fucking in it, and neither is anyone else you know in the music business. And, my job is not my life, so don’t assume that a book about my life is a book is about my job. My career proved gratifying to a point indeed, but my creative juices needed a new outlet. Since my best friend Chloe was always in hysterics from my email stories about my absurd dating situations, I was inspired to write the story of my personal life – mostly to make someone else besides Chloe laugh.

So, yes, I wrote a memoir, but the music business is rarely mentioned, and only for context. So maybe you ARE in it, but not like you may think. Read at your own risk. Or at MY risk, actually.

Paperback/Kindle: Goo.gl/audgKt
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